International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association

The Wonders of the IALHA Andalusian Stallion Service Auction

Breeding season is upon us!!! Now that I have your attention, I just wanted to answer a question someone asked me the other day about one of my stallions and the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association: They had contacted me about a breeding to one of my younger stallions debuting this year. In the course of the conversation I mentioned that they could either contract through me directly, or they could bid on a breeding from him through the stallion auction at the IALHA. They asked why in the world would I DONATE a breeding when they were perfectly willing to pay me directly – in other words, “what does the stallion owner get out of it”. I have to say, when I donated, I really didn’t know (since I’m pretty new to this scene) but I was quite surprised! Sure, I didn’t get the stud fee, but what I did get was a ton of inquiries from people who didn’t previously even know my stallion existed. Not only did they bid, but they came back to me for breedings after the auction closed. Then there are the promotional materials and the golden child, “Word of Mouth” which as we all know, counts for everything. Now, of course everyone has been asking me for the final bidding results; who out there knows them?? Please respond if you do and we’ll be thrilled to post!

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