Cremello Lusitano Caetano

Caetano is a very special young Lusitano stallion  with lovely movement, extension, long neck and legs, short back and that long sought double dilute color (e/e, A/a, Cr/Cr).  Out of 2 PSL, 16.1hh Brazilian parents, he throws the creme gene producing Palomino, Buckskin, smokey black, and Creme foals when bred to bay, black or other dilute mares. He is genetically tested to produce color.  Topping it all off, this stallion has shine like no other.   He is currently under saddle and doing very well with lovely suspension (walk, trot, canter) and interest in his work.  On the ground, he loves to be with people and is very playful, but is “all boy” and insists on being the center of attention – he is not for the timid.   He is a rare jewel that will be a plus for any breeding program and a future show ring jaw dropper.  Dreamfriesians is offering 2 remaining breedings to Caetano for $500 (price does not include collection, vet or shipping fees) for 2013.   All other breedings will be completed  in partnership with his new owner at Abacus Farms.  A.I. only and mare owners are responsible for all collection fees, vet fees, and fees related to their breeding (vet quotes are $200 per collection plus shipping).  Please enjoy the video below and look for additional pictures in the near future. SOLD – Congratulations Holly!

Sire: Tufao Interagro (PSL) X Dam: Xarola do Vouga (PSL)

Here’s a bit more of Caetano and a few of his stablemates:

Below is a simple “working” video of Caetano in December, 2010 so you can see how he is growing up:

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